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An Introduction To Earrings - Zales Earrings

Earrings have a lengthy and attention-grabbing history that dates back to around 3000 BC. The sizes of the earrings ranged from the small just visible to long hook earrings that touched the shoulders. It's assumed they were first intended as an approach to tell how much wealth the wearer had or to identify their religion. Diamond Earrings Zales were worn by both men and women and they were made from a variety of expensive metals.

For the period of the Dark ages these precious metals were harder to find so only monarchs could have access to them. In these early times it was normal for the deceased to be buried with their jewelry and earrings made from silver, gold and bronze have all been discovered in the graves of royalty.

By the second century the styles of Zales Women's Earrings became more elaborate and many new designs were being created. Many earrings were adorned with gems and other precious stones to increase their worth and too create unique designs. All of the rich women in the Roman Empire showed off their wealth by wearing earrings with precious gemstones.

By the middle ages the wearing of earrings faded a little due to society's obsession with elaborate hairstyles, wigs and gigantic hats. During this time it was considered immoral for a woman to be seen in public with her head uncovered so, all respectable married women covered their head. Therefore, there was no point in wearing earrings during this era.

By the seventeenth century earrings came back with full force when lower necklines and a change in hairstyles took place. During this era the big heavy pendant style earrings were very popular. By the eighteenth century earrings took a step back to bonnets that were worn close to the face but reappeared again in the nineteen century. This is when both the modeling and the movie industries appeared and everyone wanted to accessorize like the models and movie stars.

By the twentieth century earrings were completely transformed and women from all walks of life wore them on a regular basic. More styles were introduced and the prices ranged from the very cheap to the expensive making it possible for anyone to have a collection of Zales Earrings. They also became more popular with the modern male and more and more men were seen wearing earrings.

Having multiple piercings in which to wear earrings is also more popular today and a variety of new materials are being used to make them such as titanium, platinum and plastics. The designs are much lighter and easier to wear and the selections still include the small pendant style and the long hoop style but with all types of sizes in-between.

Zales Diamond Earrings were popular with both the rich and the poor throughout the ages. The main difference was that the poor people could not afford the ones made from precious metals and gemstones. Therefore, they had to make their earrings from other less expensive materials and the styles were different. Earrings will most likely have a place in society for many years to come.

Looking gorgeous and feeling attractive does not need any party or occasion, you can wear jewelries of your choice anytime anywhere especially according to your mood no matter what age group you come in and who you are, if you wish you can have the beautiful feeling. In Zales Jewelers Store , we have kept in mind all your emotions and desires for the jewelry, while making these precious and close to your heart ornament as they carry royalty and personality as well, it should all fits you, suits you and can also add grace to you in every sense. The designs and types of earrings collection available in the Zales provide many different options of emerald stud earrings, gold stud earrings, and diamond earrings for both me and women. Disney earrings for kids are also available in Zales.

The selection of metal and the choice of metal color are inter related. The collection of metals for earrings ranges from gold, platinum, to stainless steel, silver and vermeil. While the color options which are available are black, grey, tri-tone, two-tone, to white, yellow and rose.

Then the stone type which you can select from are diamonds, amethyst, aquamarine, topaz, zirconia, chrome diopside, and many others.

There are multiple options available for the earing pattern namely couple earrings, crawler (which runs across the ear), cuff, drop, studs, earring jackets, hoops etc.

White gold diamond stud earrings and White diamond earrings are quite famous among women, on the other hands Zales Hoop Earrings are famous amongst men.

There is a saying that ‘the only thing which makes us different from the animals is our ability to accessorize’.

So do give a proper attention and make wise decision to mix and match the apparels you are going to wear.